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Rewrite articles

Do your carefully planned help content still seem a bit off? Struggling to convey your thoughts clearly or structure your content effectively?

Bring ChatGPT to the rescue!

It's time to elevate your content to new heights. Let ChatGPT rewrite and enhance your articles, ensuring they resonate with your audience while staying true to your message. Start your journey to captivating content today with ChatGPT.

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Article blocks from needing improvement or review to fixed.
ChatGPT Providing top 3 articles that might need improvement based on the data collected by the help center.

Get data-driven improvement suggestions

Say goodbye to sifting through heaps of data and hello to intelligent, real-time analysis with the plugin for ChatGPT.

Effortless Data Crunching
With ChatGPT at your service, analyzing your help center data has never been easier. Let the AI crunch the numbers, discover trends, and surface insights while you focus on what matters - delivering exceptional customer service.
Streamline Your Help Center
Turn data into action. Find out where your help center can improve, which articles need revamping, and what new content to create. With ChatGPT having access to your knowledge base analytics, enhancing user experience is a breeze.
Smarter Help, Happier Users
Upgrade your help center with ChatGPT and deliver the ultimate user experience. Empower your team with data-driven guidance, drive customer satisfaction, and let your content shine.
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Analyze your team performance

Keeping track of team performance doesn't have to be a daunting task. With the plugin for ChatGPT, you can effortlessly monitor your team's progress, contribution, and success—weekly, monthly, or yearly, you name the span.

Stay On Top Of Contributions
Track who's adding the most value to your knowledge base. Our system allows you to quickly identify your top contributors, helping you acknowledge and reward their hard work.
Measure Content Success
Beyond quantity, it's quality that truly counts. Discover which team members are creating the most impactful content, with metrics based on usage, feedback, and overall success.
Foster Healthy Competition
Create leaderboards, host contests, or initiate fun challenges. Having the data neatly presented you can gamify the process of content creation, keeping your team motivated, engaged, and always striving to do more.
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Tracking team performance vector image.
Vector image with email composer in the front and a whirl of clouds, knowledge base, clicks, comments and a planet in the background.

Compose email replies

Elevate your customer support to new heights without wasting precious time browsing through countless articles. Allow ChatGPT to work its magic, crafting perfect email responses for you based on your existing knowledge base.

Tailored Email Composition
Tell ChatGPT what you need a reply about and let it navigate your vast content repository with the plugin. It finds exactly what you need and crafts a comprehensive, detailed, and personalized response, saving you valuable time and effort.
Turn Conversations into Articles
Stumbled upon a customer query that lacks a corresponding article in your knowledge base? Use that conversation as a prompt and let ChatGPT craft a helpful article, preventing repetitive work in the future and enhancing your knowledge base.
Seamless Customer Support
Offering exceptional customer support has never been easier. Whether you're responding to emails or expanding your help content, with the plugin, ChatGPT would be your ultimate assistant, optimizing your processes and enhancing customer satisfaction.
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Translate all your content

Unlock global markets and effortlessly localize your help center with the plugin for ChatGPT. Say goodbye to language barriers and hello to efficient content translation.

Break into New Markets
Don't let language be an obstacle to growth. With ChatGPT, you can easily tailor your help center content to any language, expanding your reach and capturing new markets.
Cost-Effective Translation
Save on costly translator fees. ChatGPT acts as your in-house translation expert, efficiently transforming your content into multiple languages. For perfection, simply hire a translator for revision - it's significantly cheaper than complete translations.
Easy Localization
No more scrambling to translate articles. Simply ask ChatGPT to translate a piece, and see it instantly deliver the same article in your desired language, taking the hassle out of content localization.

ChatGPT could be the only translator you'll ever need on your help center. Localize your content, expand your reach, and unlock global growth with the plugin for ChatGPT. Cross the language barrier with us and welcome a world of opportunities.

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Vector image showing a user holding a maginyfing glass on the world map, knowledge base books, and a language conversion bubbles.

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Generate Generate categories descriptions
Understand Discover specific article changes
Order Categorize your articles
SEO Generate SEO meta descriptions
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