Your 24/7 support agent.

Smart contextual suggestions to bring your help content closer to your customers


Bring your knowledge base
where your customers are

Make it easier for people to find the content you spent so much time crafting.

Easy to install
All you have to do is copy and paste a simple code snippet on every page you want your help center widget to appear.
Display smart contextual suggestions
By default, the widget will analyze the current page's content and suggest the articles and FAQs from your help center it rates as most relevant.
Provide help where it is most needed
Your customer does not have to leave your store, app, or website to find the needed information. With the smart help center widget, you can bring your help center wherever they are.
Place a small JS snippet on your website.

Plays well with others

Integrate your smart help center with your live chat messenger


Blend with your website or app

Use the widget APIs to integrate your knowledge base into your website or app.

Use your launcher
Open the widget using your button or link instead of using the default launcher.
Open all help center links where your users are
Instead of sending your users to a new page, transform all help center links to open in the widget sidebar. This way, people will not leave the current page to read something from your knowledge base.
Display specific category
Display the content of a specific category in the widget.
Integrate example
Widget contact support preview

Automate your first-line customer help

Your customers can still reach out to you whenever there is something they cannot find by themselves.

Our smart widget has a built-in contacts form people could use to submit a support request if they still need help. You can also integrate the widget with any live-chat provider and show your chat widget only when people seek more help.

This means you can automate your first-line customer support, thus lowering the number of repetitive support requests you keep getting. Keep your focus on helping the people that do need your help.

Get started

Focus on helping those who need your help the most while we ensure the rest still get the information they need.