Your typical FAQ sections.


Replace all your static FAQ sections with dynamic content from your help center.

Quick Start

How it works?

1. Insert FAQs into your help center.

It helps you keep all your help content in one place. You can reuse FAQ items across your help center or use them in FAQ sections only.

2. Arrange FAQs into FAQ sections.

You could have as many FAQ sections as you need, like "Pricing FAQ", "Shipping FAQ", etc.

3. Place it anywhere.

Install with a simple copy and paste of the code snippet you get. You can place it on your website or hand it to your dev team to install.

Fits in your use-case

Just a few items or all of your FAQs. Your decision.

Regardless if you would like to build a custom FAQ section for your pricing page or need all your FAQs arranged by topic, you can have any of these.

Custom FAQ section
You can arrange a subset of the FAQ items from your help center into custom sections to place anywhere on your pricing page, your app, or your e-commerce store. You can also utilize custom FAQ sections in your longer help articles. Thus, making it even easier for your customers to digest the information you provide.
Full FAQ section
The full FAQ section will show all FAQs from your help center arranged by topic so you can embed them anywhere on your website.
FAQ sections types

How to install?

  1. Create an FAQ section from your help center dashboard.
  2. Install the smart widget.
  3. Place your section HTML anywhere on your website to install.
Get started

Begin replacing all your static FAQ content with dynamic and easy-to-maintain blocks today.

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